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football betting tipsters tips for footballThe starting point for anyone who is serious about making money betting on football is to either make their own selections or to find a reliable tipster to give them profitable tips for football. I have seen plenty of tipsters over the years and to be honest the majority of them show little consistency over time and fall by the wayside.

However someone who I have personally followed for the past 8 years and added into my own portfolio with plenty of success is Daniel Soulsby and he has just released his new Football Betting Tipsters -  Selection Service

Dan worked for one of the UK’s leading bookmakers and over his years with the company he discovered how the firm kept tabs on “winners” , even had a special department dedicated to investigating professional punters that won consistently, the real pro bettors who studied form and new exactly when to bet to win big. Dan used his time wisely and studied what these big hitters did and worked out how he could follow and model their success.

Finally he worked out a system, continued to test and refine it until he was confident enough to start betting with his own money on his system selection bets. The same winning bets that you will get as a member.

What Do I Get As A Member Of The Service ?

As a member of the Football Betting Tipsters Service you will enjoy:

  • Weekly Winning Picks – These are Dan’s specific tips for football each week – not only the bets themselves but even advised stakes for those bets.
  • Low Start Up Bank – You can start with as little as £20 and play it safe. As your winnings come in then you can increase your stakes to increase your income.
  • Quick & Easy Profit – Simply read your email, place your bets in 10 minutes per week and then wait to collect your winnings.
  • Bet from Anywhere – Even when on holiday – if you can check your email – you can get your bets and place them.
  • Members Only Football Forum – Share tips with others or brag about your wins on the exclusive forum.

If you have not got onboard yet then it is time for you to take a serious look at the service, as I say I have been a member for 8 years now and this new service is better than ever.

Check it out here -  Football Betting Tipsters – Email Selection Service

Enjoy your profits,



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Posted on Dec 12, 2012

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